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Motor source group June 2022 offers

 Throughout June we're looking at the Top 5 Family Cars. The link to our blog is https://www.police.motorsourcegroup.com/news/article/top-five-family-cars?partners=warwickshirepf ***Great News*** - We have Nissan Qashqai's IN STOCK NOW!!! Ready for June/July 2022 delivery!!! When they are gone, they are gone! – Call our amazing team here for m...

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20220629 - Mortgage Clinic

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Saving for your first home

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Womens Health information

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Join the police credit union today

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National detective survey, what did Warks Detectives have to say?

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PMAS summer draw. Win £1000


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TMH Police Advert

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Warwickshire Annual Report 2021

Take a look at what we have been up to this year!  https://indd.adobe.com/view/3c7deaa6-b5f6-47c3-a698-4eb37d0af98e Warwickshire-Police-Federation-Annual-Report-2021 2.2 mb Download Files

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Merlin Attraction Offers

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Pension Remedy webinnar

Proposed Changes to the Police Pension Scheme Dear , Thank you for requesting access to the free webinar on the proposed changes to the Police Pension Scheme and what it may mean for you. You may pause, stop and view the webinar as many times as you wish. View the webinar now The Police Mutual Team.

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February car offers -

Please see the current car offers from Motor group here  https://www.police.motorsourcegroup.com/warwickshirepf

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Quick Reference Guide to Police Regs

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Warwickshire Local Council

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Member Service - Mortgages

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Recording of Insp Hours

All Insps and Cis must complete a time sheet to show what hours they are working This is to be retained by their line management and reviewed to ensure that excessive hours are not being worked The line managers should be cognisant of the health and well being of officers and the impact excessive hours has When an officer wishes to take additional ...

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Affinity Dec 2021 offers


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PMAS Mortgage surgery 23rd November

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