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All you need to know about pensions

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20220629 - Mortgage Clinic

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Saving for your first home

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Join the police credit union today

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Pension Remedy webinnar

Proposed Changes to the Police Pension Scheme Dear , Thank you for requesting access to the free webinar on the proposed changes to the Police Pension Scheme and what it may mean for you. You may pause, stop and view the webinar as many times as you wish. View the webinar now The Police Mutual Team.

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PMAS Mortgage surgery 23rd November

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How to improve your credit rating

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Latest information on Pension remedy

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2021 Group insurance Policy booklet

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Police Mutual - Mortgage Advice

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Can Police Credit Union, Serve and Protect help you?

Serve and Protect offers a variety of schemes and streams of advice on all sorts of financial situations. Please take some time to look at their You tube pages below and visit their website Financial Resilience Brief: Here is a link to our online financial resilience brief. It helps to provide an example of the key messages we promote and the role ...

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FAQs re pension remedy

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Police Mutual virtual retirement advice

 In light of COVID we have unfortunately, not been able to attend any physical briefs. However, we have put together a virtual retirement brief which has been uploaded to our YouTube channel (link to the video brief is below) https://youtu.be/lnx35LD7-QY

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Advice videos the pension consultation

 Dear Colleagues, Following the below update, we have now recorded 2 videos which go into further detail around the Government's consultation response and what the next steps are for the implementation of the Remedy. We hope these videos support you in answering any questions from your members. Please feel free to share these internally and on...

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Police Credit Union 1.2% Regular Saver Offer

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Are you or your partner being made redundant? - Police Mutual Advice

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Police Mutual - How coronavirus can impact on your finances

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Police Mutual mortgage advice

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Mortgage advice

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Affinity car leasing

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