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Advice videos the pension consultation

 Dear Colleagues,

Following the below update, we have now recorded 2 videos which go into further detail around the Government's consultation response and what the next steps are for the implementation of the Remedy. We hope these videos support you in answering any questions from your members. Please feel free to share these internally and on your social media channels.

The videos are split into two parts due to length so please share both.

Part 1 - Government response to pension consultation - Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2 – Government response to pension consultation - Part 2 - YouTube

The above videos and further information and Q&A's are available on the Hub here.

We have also recorded the presentation delivered by Gemma (our Pension Policy Officer) at the Secretaries Workshop last week. This presentation explains the Remedy in detail, our full response and our areas of concern. The 45 minute presentation can be found here - It is certainly worth a watch when you have the time. We ask that you do not share this presentation externally on social media channels.

If you have any further questions please contact the National Secretary's office.

Kind regards,

Communications Department 

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