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Affinity car leasing

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Post Christmas Financial Blues? Take a look at this

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Mortgage surgery dates for 2021 once Lockdown is over

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Warren and Co Mortgage virtual surgeries

We are continuing to work with Warren and Co so that you can get the mortgage advice that you need. Please find attached the details of how you can get advice during Covid  Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here File Name: WCo-A4-Police-Poster-WINTE_20210105-072827_1 File Size: 353 kb Download File Download PDF File Here

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Pension Challenge =- CARE scheme current proposal

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Important update re Pension claim

 Dear all I hope you are all keeping well. I am writing to provide an update on the Pension Claims and to provide some information which may assist you in dealing with queries from your members. I am pleased to confirm that the claims were presented to the Employment Tribunal this week. Two claims were presented; one for the unprotected group ...

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Worried about how to financially survive Christmas?

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How financially resilient are you?

Are you worried about how financially resilient you are?  Did you take part in our recent Financial survey and want to know the results? Please see attached the results. Some of the highlights are concerning and we have shared the results with the Chief Constable and will be linking in with the Well Being team. A big thank you to Serve an...

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New Recruit? Can Police Credit Union help you plan for your future

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Coming up to Retirement? Can Police Credit Union help your pension go further?

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Advice re Police Pensions and Divorce

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PMAS . Has Covid affected your finances?

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Police Mutual Regular Saving Scheme

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Pension Compensation Claim - FAQs

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Police Mutual - Money and debt - don't worry in silence

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Complete a quick survey and win £100

We want to hear from you about your financial wellbeing at this challenging time. The Warwickshire Police Federation have developed a short survey alongside Serve and Protect CU to learn more about how we can improve your financial resilience. Follow the link below to complete a survey and let us know your views. All respondents will have the oppor...

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Further update about Police 2015 Pension Challenge

 Further update on Pension challenge:Please see the below. If my IT skills are working ok i have hopefully added the link that will take you through to the Govts consultation page.https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/public-service-pension-schemes-consultation-changes-to-the-transitional-arrangements-to-the-2015-schemes

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Increase in Federation Subscriptions

Message from Simon Payne Chairman Warwickshire Police Federation "Monthly subscriptions to the Police Federation will increase by £2 a month to £23.58 from 1 September this year." "The increase, which is the first since 2011, was supported by delegates who took part in a Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) virtual conference in June 2020....

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Extension to Pension Group Action Deadline

 Latest Update: Pension Group Action extension :Please see the below from the Nation Chair As you will be aware, we have received a hugely positive response to our invitation to members to apply to be part of our Pensions Group Action, with over 36,000 completed surveys received to date.We have received some requests from Branches for an exten...

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Updated FAQs re Pension Group Action

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