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***Important Pension Claim update***

Please see the below letter from PFEW re the Group Action compensation claim for those affected by the 2015 Pension changes. Please note that the deadline for being part of this claim is 17th July. I have also attached some FAQs that may help you.  ​ 16th June 2020 Dear Member, This is further to the announcement on 15 May 2020 that the P...

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Group Action pension update re correspondence from Leatherhead

 As you may be aware there has been a legal challenge about how some people were affected with the 2015 Pension changes. This is currently with the Govt to see how the matter can be resolved. Alongside this PFEW is launching a Group Action in relation to compensating people that have been affected. Some of you may have heard bits of informatio...

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Group Action claim relating to 2015 Pension changes

​PFEW are seeking to have a group action claim against forces for people who were adversely affected by the changes with the 2015 Pension Regulations and the tapering system. There has been a Judicial Ruling to state that the tapering was discriminatory and the Govt are looking at how to rectify this. The Group Action runs alongside that. We a...

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Tax relief of Federation membership payments

Did you know that you are entitled to tax relief on the fees that you pay to the federation? You can claim these back for up to 7 years. Please find attached a format for a letter that you could submit to the tax office    Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here

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***urgent message for all staff affected by 2015 Pension changes***

PFEW to launch Compensation Claim against Government Group Action the 'only step available' to ensure members are treated fairly The Police Federation of England & Wales is launching a compensation claim against the Government on behalf of members who were victims of discrimination and suffered any 'injury to feeling' as a result of changes to ...

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Will writing service

 Legal Advice – Wills We are regularly asked for details of companies that offer reduced rates for preparing wills. With the complexities of the police pension it is important that you get proper legal advice and have a will in place. That way you can ensure that should anything unfortunately happen to you your money goes to the people that yo...

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PMAS offering 1-2-1financial advice during lockdown

PMAS have received a large number of enquiries about financial assistance during the COVid 19 outbreak. Please see the details below for the 1-2-1 sessions that they are now offering. Stay safe   Download PDF File Here

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How can PMAS help you financially during Covid 19

Please take the time to read this if you need additional financial advice during Coronavirus . Stay safe everyone   Download PDF File Here

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Help with money problems

  Download PDF File Here What to do if you're worried about your finances Coronavirus could mean you'll soon need to start living on less money than you're used to. Especially if you or a family member starts to rely on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), have had your hours reduced or are completely unable to work. Financial help steps you can take rig...

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Warren & Co financial services

  Download PDF File Here

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Can Police Mutual help you with your financial worries?

Police Mutual are an partner that we work closely with. They offer a wide range of financial support. Please take the time to look to see what they have on offer  https://www.policemutual.co.uk/calculators-and-tools/?utm_campaign=wellbeing&utm_source=federation%20january&utm_medium=referral

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Are you owed a Tax Refund?

Dear Federation Member You might be owed a Tax Refund If you pay tax, there's a fairly high chance you've paid too much! Over 1 in 3 taxpayers have paid more tax than they needed to after being given the wrong tax code by HMRC. If you know what to look for you might be able to spot where HMRC has sent you or your employer the wrong codes in the las...

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Tax Refund for officers

Please take the time to look at the attached document. It may help secure a tax refund for you  File Name: tax-refund File Size: 116 kb Download File

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