Your Federation

The structure of the PFEW is enshrined in the Police Federation Regulations 1969. At the time of writing, changes to Regulations are pending. This section is therefore likely to require updates in late 2016 – early 2017.

Your Joint Branch Board

Until 2016, Joint Branch Boards (JBB) have comprised three separate Branch Boards – covering separately Constables (CBB), Sergeants (SBB) and Inspectors and Chief Inspectors (IBB).

Your representative is elected by ballot from constituencies agreed with the chief officer and elections take place triennially.

Your National Federation

At the Police Federation Conference every three years members are elected to the three national rank committees: the Constables’ Central Committee, the Sergeants’ Central Committee and the Inspectors’ Central Committee. The next triennial elections will take place in May 2017. However, it is anticipated that regulatory changes will remove the rank committees, and establish a new structure before then.

The national representatives, collectively the Joint Central Committee (JCC), comprises those elected to the Constables’ Central Committee, the Sergeants’ Central Committee and the Inspectors’ Central Committee. Following the May 2014 PFEW Conference, and the decision to implement the Independent Review of the organisation, the rank committee structure for the JCC was voluntarily put in abeyance, but the body as a whole still sits, albeit since the adoption of the Independent Review in 2014, the JCC has voluntarily adopted the title Interim National Board, while the JBB Chairs and Secretaries are collectively known as the Interim National Council. It is anticipated that regulatory change will establish these as the National Board and National Council.

All police cadets, constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors can choose to be members of the Police Federation of England and Wales under the Police Act 1996. Officers are offered this opportunity on joining, and must complete a form electing to join. This should be explained to new entrants by local JBBs.

Some members may choose to join, but not pay subscriptions. However, only those members of the Police Federation who contribute to the voluntary fund can access the wide range of services offered to contributing members. The importance and value of these services – including support during complaints, and access to legal advice – to members is reflected by the fact only around 2% of officers choose not to contribute.

Produced and issued by Research and Policy Support PFEW HQ - updated August 2016

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